Who is BGO Living?

BGO Living is one of Canada's largest third party property management firms. That means living in a home that is managed professionally, backed by an established organization with a long-standing track record of consistent high resident satisfaction across our managed communities. 

To learn more about BGO, please visit www.bgo.com.

How does renting with BGO Living work?

We are committed to making your search for your next home easy and enjoyable.

1. Review Listings
Search by neighbourhood, city, and address or property name.

2. Visit Us
Inquire through our website, send us an e-mail or call us to schedule a tour today.

3. Sign a Lease
We will organize a lease signing with you so you can pick up your keys and move in.

What is included and not included in the rent?

The service provided by our resident management team is included in your rent. They look after everything from welcoming you on the day you move in, to giving you a building orientation to holding on to your parcel deliveries while you are at work. Use of amenities, which vary from property to property, is included in your rent. At BGO Living CliKFIX is included and is your 24/7 resource for all service needs.

Depending on the building you live in, water or heat may be included in your monthly rent. Please check the details of what is or is not included with the Leasing Representative.

What is the application process?

We want to make the rental process as easy as possible. In order to do so we will require some specific information.

If you decide BGO Living is right for you, we will ask that you please provide the following with your Application to Lease to ensure we can approve your application as quickly as possible:

1. Verification of Income
To verify your employment we require ONE of the following:

  • Your two most recent pay stubs; OR
  • An offer of employment letter on company letterhead: OR
  • Your two most recent Statements of Assessment from Revenue Canada along with audited financial statements (if self-employed).

​2. Landlord Reference

- Please have the name and telephone number of your current landlord so we can call for a reference. If you have lived in your home for less than two years, we may require the name and number of your previous landlord.

3. Credit Check
We will be doing a credit check. Depending on where you live, you will need to provide your consent to conduct the credit check or two pieces of government issued ID, one must list your full legal name and address.

4. Deposit
A deposit is required on all apartments. The amount of the deposit and how it can be applied will vary depending on the location of the community. Your Leasing Representative will be able to provide more details on what is required. All deposits submitted to BentallGreenOak must be in the form of a personal cheque or money order. For your security, we do not accept cash.

Please consult your Leasing Representative for "Payable To" information for your deposit.

5. Now That You Have Applied
Your application will be submitted for approval and you will be informed of the results. If your references are notified ahead of time that we will be calling, this greatly speeds up the process. Once you are approved, you will be required to come in and sign your Tenancy Agreement prior to moving in. You will also require a Tenant Insurance certificate prior to moving in.

6. Once this is complete, we will schedule a time for you to pick up your keys, book the elevator for you (if applicable) and receive an orientation of your new home and community.

Are pets allowed?

Most of our buildings are pet-friendly. Some buildings have restrictions on size and, type and quantity of pets; make sure you check the pet policy of your building before moving in or getting a pet.

What happens if I want to move?

If you would like to transfer to another suite within the building, please contact your building management for more details including pricing and availability.

If you would like to move out of the building, please contact your building management to discuss the amount of notice required for the province you live in.

How long are your contracts?

Our contracts start at a minimum of 12 months.

Do you have any rental fraud prevention tips?

When using the Internet, you should always exercise caution and common sense. 

Here are a list of tips to follow:

  • Fraudulent ads are usually posted with a below average asking price geared towards a quick lease.
  • Scammers often provide a rental questionnaire that asks for personal information, including banking details, contact information, occupation, income and more.
  • The scammer may claim to be a landlord who is working overseas or in the United States, and claim that the discounted price is used to get good tenants who will take care of the property. This is also a convenient way to avoid showings of the property, promising a full refund if the property is unsatisfactory.
  • Schedule a showing and confirm the availability of the unit by actually visiting the property. Speak with on-site staff if possible to confirm that the individual showing the unit has the authority to rent the unit.
  • Request a lease or contract and review it thoroughly.
  • Complete searches on rental addresses to ensure that the post is not a duplicate. If there are multiple ads for the same unit, but with different prices or other suspect differences, this should be a red flag.
  • Do not send funds to strangers. Never make payments to the purported landlord before viewing the property where it is the landlord who is unable to unwilling to make a showing. Do not make payments before signing a lease.
  • Do not provide more than first and last month's rent upfront in order to secure the unit.
  • Contact Equifax and Transunion if you have provided sensitive information on rental applications.
  • Go with your gut – if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

The Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre has set out procedures for victims of fraud to report incidents and Consumer Protection Ontario recommends to contact the local police in addition to following the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre's reporting process.

Canadian Anti-Fraud Reporting: http://www.antifraudcentre-centreantifraude.ca/reportincident-signalerincident/index-eng.htm.

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