What YOU Can Do To Support The Planet

We all have a responsibility when it comes to supporting the planet, but it's not always easy figuring out where to start and how you can help. BentallGreenOak Residential Services has 5 suggestions for how you can support the health of our planet as an individual. 


Use Less Plastic

Plastic is a really big environmental problem -- especially single use plastic. One of the easiest things you can do personally is avoid using plastic bags when you shop. Buy a reusable bag which you can carry in your purse or leave in your car. It's a handy and sturdy accessory when you need it. Instead of plastic wrap, use beeswax wrap or reusable silicone wrap to store your food. When you're grocery shopping, avoid using plastic bags to bag your vegetables and purchase reusable produce bags instead. With just these few changes, you can make a significant impact.


Save Water

Living in a first world country, we often forget how lucky we are to be able to drink clean water right from the tap and take long, hot showers. It's time that we all become more aware of how much water we are wasting every day. So what can you do? Turn off the tap the next time you're brushing your teeth or shaving your legs. Instead of a 10-minute shower, take a 3-minute shower. You can also install a shower head that restricts the water flow and reduces the pressure, which also helps with water use. When you're washing dishes, be mindful of how much water you're using. 


Walk, Carpool or Bike

Instead of taking your car to work, try carpooling with a friend or take public transportation. If you're not too far, walk or even cycle to work which is not only better for the environment but it's also good for your health. You can get your 10,00 steps in while saving the planet! And if you're in the market for a new car, seriously consider buying or leasing a hybrid or electric car.


Save Food By Buying Less and Shopping More Frequently

Most of us tend to buy groceries for an entire week, but when life gets busy, the food goes bad and we don't end up using a lot of it -- especially fresh produce. To avoid creating unnecessary food waste, buy less food and shop more frequently. Think about what you're planning on making and buy just enough food for your meals. It takes a little bit of effort at first, but once you get the hang of it, you'll waste less food and even save money. Also, learn to love your leftovers! Instead of throwing food away that's only a couple of days old, reheat and eat! This is yet another way to reduce waste and keep the money in your pocket!


Save Energy

There's a few easy ways that you can save energy just by making a few small changes at home. First, turn off your computer at night. There's no need to leave it on and waste energy. Second, use a clothesline to dry your clothes instead of a dryer. This is a great way to save power and prolong the life of your clothes. Third, adjust the temperature in your home to a degree cooler than what you're used it. Believe it or not, just one degree makes a major difference. Imagine what a huge impact we could make as a group if each of us made a tiny adjustment at home!


If you can't think of any good New Year's resolutions, saving and supporting the planet should be one of them. Plus, you now have a list from BentallGreenOak to help you out! 


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