Tips for a spotless apartment in the winter

Slush and snow can wreak havoc on your floors and furniture in the winter. Use our tips to maintain a spotless apartment all season long.

Try boot trays and shoe mats

The biggest culprit of winter grime in your apartment? Slushy and dirty boots! Invest in a boot tray with a thick rim (to keep slush contained) and place it right beside your entrance. When you enter and exit, remove and put on your boots at the door, ideally on the tray or on a shoe mat. This will prevent you and your family from tracking in the slop as the slush piles high on the street.

Keep a pet towel by the entrance 

Have a pup? They can be a HUGE culprit when it comes to tracking dirt and grime into your home in the winter. You wouldn't roll around in a slush puddle and then jump on your couch but they certainly will! You can't stop them from getting dirty out there, but you can clean them up when you bring them home. Keep a pet towel by the door and use it whenever you bring them in from a walk. Thoroughly dry their paws, back and belly to keep your home as spotless as you can.

Mop it up

Sometimes your best efforts to keep your space pristine get spoiled. Maybe your dog ran past your towel station or your kids wandered through in their boots. Whatever the reason, the solution is easy -- mop! Unless you have carpeting that is, in which case wet vacuum if you can.

Dust dust dust

You may have noticed that dust seems to be much more abundant in winter. With all your windows shut for the season, your home has less airflow allowing copious amounts of dust to settle throughout your home. There's only one fix for this issue -- dust your space regularly to prevent the accumulation. Thankfully it's a pretty low intensity cleaning activity. We recommend keeping a few dusters around the apartment to make it even easier to remember and do.

We hope these tips help you to maintain a spotless apartment all winter long.

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