Terrific Halloween treats

October has arrived and that means Halloween is right around the corner! Whether you or your family members still trick or treat, or simply like to enjoy a sweet treat or two at this time of year, make these spooktacular Halloween treats this month.

Halloween Sugar Cookies

If you like sugar cookies, these Halloween themed sugar cookies are a great project! Cut out some spooky shapes with cookie cutters and dress them up with colourful royal icing for a spooktacular treat this October. 

Bloody delightful Halloween cake

Hosting a Halloween party or attending a potluck? Knock their socks off with this Bloody Halloween Cake recipe. This cake looks like it's bleeding, inside and out. It's pretty easy to make with cake mix, store-bought icing and jam.

Jack-o-lantern hand pies

It doesn't get much cuter or spookier than these Jack-o-lantern hand pies! Flaky pastry shaped like a Jack-o-lantern oozes with fruity filling. Make these hand pies from scratch, or If you're not much of a baker you can make them with store-bought pie crust and filling. Easy peasy!

Loaded cream cheese Halloween brownies

If you love indulging in chocolate around Halloween, you'll love these loaded cream cheese Halloween brownies! They're super fudgy and topped with a layer of orange cream cheese, sandwich cookies, and chocolate chips. Beautiful and terrifying at the same time. 

If you have a sweet tooth, we hope you will give these terrific Halloween treats a try this October. Happy Halloween!

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