Sweet summer recipes

We wait all year for this -- summer is here and the sun is shining! If you're ready to dive in, celebrate the season with these sweet summer recipes. These sweet treats are perfect for hot summer days and warm nights.

Strawberry granita

If you enjoy sorbet, you should give granita a try! It's basically the same thing, an icy fruit based treat, but the texture is more coarse and it's easy to make at home! This strawberry granita recipe is bursting with fresh, in-season strawberries and only 5 other ingredients! 

No-bake lemon ice box pie

If you love easy, no-bake summer desserts, this lemon ice box pie is a must try! Rich, sweet and tangy, it's irresistible on a hot summer day or night and perfect for entertaining when you're short on time.

Mint chip ice cream

This homemade mint chip ice cream may just be the best you ever had. It involves a special technique that ensures the chocolate pieces will melt on your tongue instead of crunch in your mouth. The mint flavour is perfect too thanks to steeping mint in the milk instead of using extract which can taste a bit like toothpaste. 

Peach crumble

You may only be familiar with apple crumble, but crumble is a delicious way to use virtually any fresh, in-season fruit. This peach crumble is jammy, spiced and indulgent. It's the perfect weekend dinner treat and easy to throw together. Top it with a scoop of vanilla ice cream!

Plum cake

When plums come into season in late summer, make this delicious plum cake to honour them in the best way. Jammy, spiced and rich, this cake is the perfect finale for a late summer dinner party that hints at the coming fall season.

We hope you enjoy these sweet summer recipes! Make them at home and enjoy every last bite of summer.

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