Summer party ideas

Summer is a great time to entertain. If you want to go above and beyond as host, these summer party ideas are perfect for your apartment or party room.

High tea

Daytime entertaining is a great option in the summer when many people are off work and the weather is warm. A great daytime party option is British-style high tea. Gather with your friends or family over cups of tea, pretty party sandwiches, treats like scones with lemon curd, strawberry shortcakes and petit fours. It's traditionally a fancy affair, so encourage your guests to dress up for the occasion and of course wear a hat.

Themed dinner party

Dinner parties are fun all year, so make yours stand out by choosing a summery theme. You could host a tiki inspired dinner, a beachy seafood boil, or even a build-your-own ice cream sundae party for super hot summer days. 


Spain has a longstanding tradition of tapas -- small plates of delicious food to share that's served as an accompaniment to drinks. This is a perfect entertaining option for summer when people may not feel like eating a heavy meal and would prefer to graze and imbibe over the course of an evening or afternoon. 


A picnic is a wonderful way to get together with family and/or friends in the summer. You can take the pressure of hosting off your plate by making it potluck style asking all attendees to bring a dish or two to share. It's pretty flexible as you can get outside to enjoy the fabulous summer weather in a park or host an indoor picnic on your living room floor on a rainy day. Whatever you decide to do, try to ensure that there will be amazing shareable food on offer.

We hope you give these summer party ideas a try!

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