Perfect picnic food

Summer is an excellent time for a picnic, but what should you eat? Treat your friends and family to some perfect picnic food with these recipes.


This crowd-pleasing sandwich is a New Orleans classic. It's a big round loaf of bread, hollowed out and stuffed to the brim with Italian charcuterie, cheese, and a Creole olive spread. It's impressive to slice open and serve and it's easy to eat outdoors. Get Emeril Lagasse's recipe. 

Veggie sushi

Sushi is an easy to eat, pretty and portable meal option that's perfect for a picnic. The only risk factor is the raw fish out in the sun or sitting in your trunk for too long on the way to the picnic site. Solve these problems by serving veggie sushi! It's still delicious and pretty and less hazardous on a hot day. Buzzfeed shows you how to make it 4 ways.

Cheese platter

Snacky things like cheese boards are perfect for picnics. You can load them up with your favourite cheeses, fruits, spreads and crackers. Learn how to make the perfect cheese board or platter and don't forget the wine!

Banh mi sandwiches 

Banh mis are delicious Vietnamese baguette sandwiches. They're usually loaded with fresh herbs and juicy, succulent meats. This grilled pork banh mi recipe is a great one to try. Wrap the finished sandwiches in parchment paper and throw them into a picnic basket with some summer beers (hoppy ones) for a perfect picnic. 

Greek pasta salad

Greek salad is a summer classic, so why not make it a bit heartier and pack it up for a picnic? This Greek pasta salad has everything you love about Greek salad (zingy dressing, tomatoes, black olives, feta cheese, peppers and onions) tossed with filling pasta.

Strawberry rhubarb bars

Picnics require dessert! Pies are classic but a handheld dessert is easier to eat. We love these strawberry rhubarb bars because they pack all the juicy flavour of strawberry rhubarb pie without the mess.

We hope you'll give these perfect picnic recipes a try this summer!

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