Our favourite holiday side dishes

Move over mashed potatoes, these are the best holiday side dish recipes to try! Whether you're feeding a crowd or just feeding yourself, these festive recipes are bound to hit the spot this holiday season. 

Cheesy root vegetable gratin

If you love roasted root vegetables, you'll swoon for this Cheesy root vegetable gratin recipe! Loaded with sweet, roasted and colourful beets, parsnips and sweet potatoes and covered in a rich and cheesy sauce, this beautiful gratin will melt your heart this holiday season.

Fluffy potato rolls

If you dig dinner rolls, you'll love this recipe for impossibly Fluffy potato rolls! They're crisp on the bottom, buttery on top and incredibly tender inside. Perfect for mopping up gravy and drippings during the holidays. 

Easy vegan scalloped potatoes 

You don’t have to eat dairy to indulge in creamy scalloped potatoes! This easy recipe is perfect for vegans and lactose intolerant guests at your holiday table! Slices of potatoes get bathed in a rich vegan cheese sauce, topped with vegan Parmesan cheese and baked until bubbly. Delicious!

Whole roasted cauliflower 

This delicious and gorgeous dish can work both as a side dish or a vegetarian main dish for your holiday table. Think of it as a vegan pot roast. Best of all, it couldn't be easier to prepare. Just douse a head of cauliflower with vegan gravy, surround it with root vegetables and roast till tender.

Baked mac and cheese 

Mac and cheese is a classic holiday side dish and this decadent baked mac and cheese recipe is the classic you'll want on your table this year! This recipe comes with great tips to ensure a perfect creamy pasta every time.

We hope you give these incredible holiday side dishes a try! 

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