How to pick the perfect rug for your space

As the seasons change, we start to notice the little comforts that make the transition a little easier – like a cozy rug under our bare feet when we get out of bed or step into the living room. If you don’t have a rug for your apartment, now’s the perfect time to invest in one! Here are our tips for finding the rug that's just right for your apartment.

Choose the right size

Size matters when it comes to finding the perfect rug for a room. It shouldn’t be too big as it will overwhelm the space, or too small as it will seem out of place. You need something just right! Start by measuring the room where it’s going to go, making note of where the furniture sits. Try to find a rug that is a bit shorter than the room’s shortest wall (aim for two feet shorter) and ensure that it will fit entirely or partially under all the key furniture.

Choose a style that fits with your current decor

Rugs come in all shapes, sizes, colours and patterns. That’s a lot to choose from! Assuming you have already locked down your furniture choices for the room, look for a rug that compliments the style and colours of those pieces. Minimalist white sofa? Pair it with a bold-coloured solid rug or a rug with a minimalist weave or pattern design. Is your space full of antiques? Perhaps a Persian rug would pair well. If you don’t know what to do, take a photo of your current space and show it to the sales people in the store where you intend to buy a rug -- they can help you find a suitable style and size!

Think about who uses the room

Rugs can serve practical purposes as well, so think hard about who will be using the room where your rug will live. Do you have young children? Pets? Do you and your housemates wear outdoor shoes in the room? These are all key questions that can help you determine the ideal pile and fabric of your rug. Low pile washable rugs won’t trap as much dirt as high pile and plush rugs will, so they’re better suited to kids, pets and rooms where people wear outdoor footwear. High pile and plush rugs will trap and show stains and dirt more readily and tend to be better suited to areas of the home reserved mainly for adults who are barefoot. 

Consider layering your rugs

Sometimes one rug just isn’t enough. If you have a large space, a large rug layered with smaller accent rugs can be a great design choice. Choose something functional, basic and practical for the large rug and use highly decorative and more intricate rugs as accents to call attention to the room’s different seating areas.

Use a rug pad underneath

Rugs can be slippery if you don’t use a rug pad underneath them. Be sure to inquire at the store where you buy your rug if they can sell you a pad to match.

We hope these rug buying tips help you find the perfect rug for your space.

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