How to decorate your first apartment

New renter? You must be excited! Moving out is a rewarding challenge. Knowing what to bring is particularly challenging. With that in mind, here's how to decorate your first apartment on a budget. 

Consider multi-use furniture 

Your first apartment may be small, like a studio, or shared which means your furniture will likely have to wear multiple hats. Look for affiliate multi-use pieces like couches that convert into a comfortable bed, extendable kitchen tables, and storage coffee tables and storage benches.

Look for removable couch covers

If you're moving out for college, you can expect your furniture to get a little messy. From sloppy friends to careless roommates, it can be a challenge to protect your precious pieces from spills and stains. Luckily there are many attractive and affordable removable and washable couch covers that will protect your furniture and look great. They're also a great way to cover up a not-so-attractive couch.

Try a cotton rug

If your apartment has hardwood or tile floors, you might want to cover them in areas where you'll want to be cozy like your bedroom. Rugs come in a range of fabrics, sizes and prices, but cotton rugs are often affordable, comfortable and washable! You never know what you might spill on them, so it's great that you won't have to dry clean them in the event of an accident.

Find a great desk and chair

You're probably moving out to attend school, so you'll need a desk and desk chair where you can work and store books and papers. Look for something compact that has great storage so you won't waste all your limited space, but will still get great use out of it.

We hope these tips help you decorate your first apartment!

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