How to add more storage space to your apartment

Whether you live in a small studio or a 3-bedroom family unit with a walk-in closet in every room, your apartment’s storage capacity may be limited for your needs. Here are a few genius ways to add more storage space to your space.

Opt for furniture that doubles as storage

Your furniture can double as storage space. Look for things like bed frames with hidden drawers or coffee tables full of shelves or drawers. You can also use furniture items with lots of storage capacity in unexpected ways -- like a trunk or chest as a coffee table, or a dresser as a TV stand! Your options are only limited by your imagination.

Go vertical

Think of a busy, crowded city. When there’s no more room to build on the ground, they build up! Skyscrapers, tall apartment buildings, parking complexes -- they all make use of vertical space to create more space. You can do the same in your apartment. Think tall bookshelves, rows of floating shelves, wall hooks and vertical shoe racks! You can even store your bike on a strong wall stand high above your floor! The sky’s the limit here.

Add storage baskets to shelves

If you have some shelving units or bookshelves, you can maximize their storage capacity by adding baskets to the shelves. Without them you’re limited in terms of what can be stored and what volume of items can fit on the shelf floor comfortably. With them you can fill the baskets to the brim with knick-knacks and odds and ends. If you need to get something, simply pull out the basket to go through its contents. If you’re going to use a lot of baskets, it doesn’t hurt to label them so you know what’s where. Baskets come in all shapes, sizes and materials these days. Check your local dollar store for them if you’re on a budget, or explore IKEA’s epic storage basket selection. 

Look for portable storage solutions

You may have room for an armoire or shelf in your small room while you sleep or are elsewhere, but having it as a permanent fixture may limit your use of that room dramatically. Look for portable shelving, closets and racks that are on wheels as they can be relocated easily when you need some more room to breathe. If you already have a piece of furniture, like a book shelf, that would be better with wheels, you can upcycle it yourself!

We hope that these genius ways to add more storage space to your space inspire you to make the most out of your apartment storage.

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