Green goals for a new year

It's 2022! If you want to step up your commitment to sustainability, here are some green goals to implement in your life this year.

Eat green and clean

What you put on your plate matters a lot. Every purchase of food is a vote with your dollars that’s either protecting or potentially harming our planet. One of the simplest ways to guide your choices towards environmentally-sustainable food purchases is to eat green. By that we mean eat more plant-forward meals or entirely plantbased meals whenever you can. We don’t necessarily mean you should stock your fridge with every meat and cheese alternative you can find, but instead get back to the basics. Fill up on plantbased whole foods like legumes, nuts, seeds, whole grains, vegetables and fruits. If you can’t live without meat, try to find more eco-friendly suppliers of it as mass produced meat can be extremely harmful to the environment. Look for organic, local meat producers and suppliers whenever possible. If you plan to eat seafood, shop sustainable seafood varieties and look for packages of fish etc that are labelled as such.

Waste less, want less

Shop consciously

We have an overconsumption and waste problem as a society. We buy too much and we throw away way too much. This is something you can address in your own life in various ways. The first step is shopping more consciously. By that we mean buying only what you know you’ll need and use whenever possible. What you want to avoid is buying something for the thrill of buying it and ultimately wasting it and discarding it unused. 

Be a savvy grocery shopper

The principle of conscious shopping can be applied to your groceries. A great way to buy what you need is to plan your week of meals and snacks and buy only what you will need to use for them. Meal prepping is a great habit to undertake as it will help you ensure you always have great food on the table, less waste and will help spend less. 

Shop vintage and second hand

When it comes to things like clothing, consider buying second hand and vintage. You can find amazing clothing in vintage and charity shops without supporting the harmful fast fashion industry. 

Conserve resources

When it comes to resources like water and electricity, you can do your part to conserve them. That means making little lifestyle changes like turning off the lights when you leave an empty room, turning off a running tap, having short showers etc. 

We hope you incorporate some of these green goals into your new year!

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