Give your apartment a new look with these upcycling projects

We all need a change now and then -- especially in our home decor. But we don't always have the funds to fuel these changes. These four easy upcycling projects can give your apartment furniture new life on a budget. 

Upcycle your dresser

You might not think much of your current dresser, but it holds more than just clothes -- it holds serious design potential! This video walks you through how to transform your dated looking dresser into a focal point piece of furniture through its colour, trim and accessories/hardware. Don't own a dresser? You can buy an upcycling-worthy piece on a budget at thrift shops and online on websites like Facebook Marketplace. 

Upcycle your couch

A couch can be a major decor focal point. If yours isn't making the right impression, you can upcycle it by reupholstering it. Learn how you can transform this key piece of furniture with new fabric and trim in this video tutorial. 

Upcycle your coffee table 

Your coffee table is a key piece of furniture in your living room. Give it the attention it deserves by upcycling it with a new coat of paint and new legs. This video tutorial will walk you through it. You won't believe it's the same piece at the end!

Upcycle your mirror

A basic mirror can be practical and functional, but a beautiful mirror can really add flare and style to your space. This video tutorial shows you 6 ways to upcycle your mirror for dramatic results -- from stencils to stains! 

We hope you give these upcycling projects a try! You'll be amazed by the transformation of your space.

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