DIY Valentine's Day treats

Show some love this Valentine's Day with these delicious DIY Valentine's Day treats for your partner, family and friends. You won't believe how easy these treats are to make and how fabulous they taste. We highly recommend making extras for yourself.

Chocolate Truffles (4 Ways)

Let's be honest, Valentine's Day is unofficially chocolate lovers' day. If your partner, friend or lucky acquaintance loves chocolate, consider making them these easy Chocolate Truffles. This easy to follow video tutorial shares a basic recipe plus 3 decadent variations. Pick up a cute box at Bulk Barn and make an assortment!

Valentine's Day Cookies

Remember those cute little Valentine's Day candies called Sweethearts? They were little colourful heart candies with cute little messages written on them. If you do, you properly recall that they are nicer to look at than to eat. But they are undeniably adorable! These delicious sugar cookies capture the cuteness of Sweethearts in a way more delicious package. Make a ton and wrap them in cellophane to give to friends and family this Valentine's Day.

Rose Cake Pops

If you're trying to impress someone this Valentine's Day, consider making these beautiful Rose Cake Pops! They look remarkably like long stem red roses and take a certain amount of skill to execute. Something tells us that your special someone will enjoy them more than the real deal.

Strawberry Smoothie

If someone you love is on a diet, Valentine's Day can be hard to navigate. Instead of tempting them with foods they are trying to avoid, work with their needs and make them a healthy sweet treat instead! This delicious Strawberry Smoothie has just 4 healthy ingredients. It calls for milk but if your loved one is vegan just use non dairy milk instead. It's the perfect treat for Valentine's Day breakfast!


BentallGreenOak hopes these delicious DIY Valentine's Day treat recipes help you celebrate with joy and love this year. 


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