Back to school recipes

Summer is on its way out and it's time for another school semester! These delicious recipes will help you fuel your kids for school or fuel yourself for college.

Vegan bento box

If you're trying to eat a more plant based diet, a great way to get started is by packing a homemade vegan lunch for your school day. These make-ahead vegan bento box ideas from Pick Up Limes are the perfect solution for your busy school week and suitable for kids or adults. They're colourful, healthy and fun and run the gamut from fruit salad to hearty wraps.

Chicken paratha wrap

If you have night classes, it can be a challenge to squeeze in a good dinner. Plan ahead and make this delicious chicken paratha wrap! A homemade Pakistani flatbread is wrapped around spiced, tender chicken and topped with pickled vegetables and chutneys. You'll feel like you went to a Pakistani restaurant for takeout, it's that good.

Chili and cornbread casserole 

We love hearty meals we can make ahead and dish out in lunchboxes. This chili and cornbread casserole can be made and eaten all week long! It's hearty and delicious, full of protein and veggies. It's a complete meal that feeds a crowd and reheats well in a microwave. 

BLAT salad

You've probably heard of a BLT, but how about a BLAT? It stands for bacon, lettuce, avocado, and tomato! Before you grab some bread and whip up a delicious BLAT sandwich, consider this BLAT salad instead! It's the sandwich you love, in salad form. Pro tip: You can put the creamy herbed mayo dressing in a container to keep your BLAT salad from getting soggy in your backpack. 

Healthy brownie bites 

If your school day must include dessert, but you don't want to bake or eat something loaded with sugar, these healthy brownie bites are perfect. Loaded with medjool dates, almond butter, hemp hearts and cacao powder, these bites are as healthy as they are delicious. Make a big batch and freeze them so you can pop them in your lunchbox whenever the craving strikes. 

We hope you give these back to school recipes a try this semester!

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