A new year and a new footprint

Hindsight is 2020 and it's safe to say that last year was an unusual one. As 2021 begins, it's nice that we can make a fresh start and set some actionable goals for ourselves. Pledging to do our best for the environment is always a great goal. Here are a few of the most impactful habits you can make in the new year for a better carbon footprint.


Conserve Water


On average, a typical person consumes 335 litres of water a day. About 10% is for drinking and cooking, 25% for laundry and cleaning, 30% for toilet flushing and about 35% for bathing. It's important for us to conserve water whenever we can and never pour toxic chemicals down the drain -- to avoid polluting local water tables. You can conserve water by being more mindful of your use of it. Don't leave the kitchen sink running while you do dishes, don't leave the bathroom sink running while you brush your teeth, take shorter showers -- it all makes a difference.


Clean green


Speaking of toxic chemicals polluting the water, common household cleaners can contribute to this problem -- as well as indoor air pollution. Make this the year you make a clean break and opt for more eco-friendly cleaning products.


Energy efficiency


Why waste energy when you can make choices that make a difference? There are many ways to improve energy efficiency -- to use less and reuse more. Practicing these methods is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint in 2021.


Reuse and Recycle


Our disposable lifestyle of single-use packaging is polluting the planet. Choosing reusable products -- including water bottles, coffee cups, straws and shopping bags -- and recycling whatever you can't reuse can reduce your footprint in 2021 and ease the burden on landfills. 


Getting around while going green


Transportation is a big driver of air pollution. Whenever possible, choose to walk, bike, take public transportation or carpool to get where you are going. It will help reduce carbon emissions that contribute to the climate crisis. 


Eat well


Eating well used to mean simply making sure you were consuming a balanced diet. Today there is more to consider when we think of staying in balance. Do your research around the carbon impact of raising livestock, synthetic pesticides and fertilizers, and fair trade practices to make more informed choices about the food you eat. Make this the year to shop more sustainably.


BentallGreenOak wishes you your best year yet!


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