Zero waste cleaning tips

Cleaning can be toxic and wasteful, but it doesn't have to be. We hope you will take a hard look at your cleaning habits and consider trying these zero waste cleaning tips the next time it's time to spruce up your apartment. 

Use bulk cleaning products 

Many bulk stores and even health food stores sell cleaning products in bulk. Look for eco-friendly options (biodegradable) and fill up large non-porous containers that seal tightly with your products of choice. You can bring your own mason jars or jugs and ask the staff to weigh them first so you don't get charged for their weight. Buying green products in bulk is great for the environment because it cuts down on packaging waste.

Make your own cleaning products 

You can also make your own natural cleaning products to be kind to the planet and cut down on waste. Here are some eco-friendly cleaner recipes to try at home.

Try soap nuts

Soap nuts are little nuts from a soapberry tree. They contain saponins and when mixed with water (in your washing machine) they create soapy suds! They're pretty affordable and really eco-friendly with minimal packaging and a great way to wash your clothes, bedding and more with the planet in mind. 

Try eco-friendly tools

The tools you use for cleaning matter, too. Your vacuum might be sucking electricity, your plastic sponges will never degrade, your paper towel use could be off the charts. Be kind and conscientious by switching to reusable and environmentally friendly tools like a cordless vacuum cleaner or an energy efficient vacuum cleaner, loofah cleaning sponges, bamboo scrub brushes and reusable washable cleaning cloths/rags.

We hope that these tips for zero waste cleaning help you clean up your apartment and your cleaning habits. 

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