Where to celebrate Valentine's Day in your city

It's the most romantic time of the year! Valentine's Day is back -- are you ready for it? Whether you're single, wooing someone new, or stoking the fire of a love that's burned for years, a great Valentine's Day plan is always good to have. To help you nail this romantic holiday, here are some suggestions for where to celebrate Valentine's Day in your Canadian city.


When it comes to celebrating Valentine's Day in Calgary, your spoiled for choice. While going out for a nice dinner might seem a little cliche, it's common for a reason! Calgary is loaded with fabulous, romantic restaurants. Our favourites include The Lake House, Bow Valley Ranche, Bonterra Trattoria and River Cafe.

Edmonton and St. Albert

If you're single this Valentine's Day in Edmonton, be sure to check out the Be My Valentine Bash at Rooster Cafe & Kitchen. It's a fun way to meet singles in town and maybe even find your match for life. If you're already paired off, a special movie night can be a lot of fun. Visit Princess Theater to enjoy arthouse movies with your sweetheart. In St. Albert, if you're hungry, visit Riverbank Bistro to enjoy fine Canadian fare in a beautiful setting.

Hamilton, Oakville and Burlington

If you're looking for something different and romantic to do in Hamilton, visit the Gage Park Tropical Greenhouse with your date. It will be pretty sweet and help you forget about winter for an hour or two. If you find yourself wooing a vegetarian in Burlington, a heart-healthy meal at Lettuce Love is a cool idea. If not, visit The Keg Steakhouse for a perfectly seared sirloin. For a relaxed Valentine's date in Oakville, pick up a couple of perfect cupcakes at Sweet! Bakery and stroll along the lake in Bronte.

Kitchener and Waterloo

If you have an outdoorsy date, visit Chicopee Ski Resort in Kitchener to hit the slopes for a few hours. You can even go at night! If you'd rather get cozy indoors, Kinkaku Izakaya is guaranteed to warm your belly and soul. In Waterloo, enjoy a playful night on the town at Games On Tap Board Game Cafe. If you'd rather get serious (about romance), enjoy an excellent meal at King Street Trio Uptown.

Langley, New Westminster and Vancouver

When in Langley, an affordable and romantic date idea is to stroll along the Fraser River at Bedford Landing. If this will be your first date, try something more exciting -- like a trip to The Giggle Dam Dinner Theatre. If you're feeling traditional with a twist, grab dinner at Banchan Korean Bistro. In New Westminster, start your day with a sweet brunch at Angelina's. If you're up for something playful, you can't go wrong with pizza and board games at Pizzeria Ludica. For something more lively, catch some live music at Heritage Grill. In Vancouver, keep it fun and light with a night of cosmic bowling at Grandview Lanes. If you're foodies, visit Granville Island Market for some urban fine food foraging. For the adventurous, eat in total darkness at Dark Table.


When in Winnipeg, there's so much to do and see. Discover the Universe together with a date at the Planetarium. If you or your partner is into food, a visit to The Forks market is practical, delicious and romantic. If you want something more intimate, a day at Thermea Spa might be just the ticket.


When in Montreal, romance is in the air and definitely on a plate. For a day date, enjoy a spectacular brunch at cozy Le Cartet. Tantalize your taste buds at dinner with upscale Quebecois fare at Toque! For dessert, indulge at Cacao 70. You'll be stuffed but happy. If you want to pamper your partner, a trip to Montreal's floating spa, Bota Bota, is a grand idea.

North York and Toronto

In North York, you have an abundance of fabulous restaurants to choose from.  We recommend Auberge du Pommier or David Duncan House. For a fun Valentine's date night in Toronto, visit Get Well for local pints and pinball, or one of Snakes and Lattes locations for board games, cider and snacks. For a more romantic vibe, grab dinner at Alo for exquisite French fare, or enjoy an elegant vegan feast at Fresh.


BentalGreenOak hopes you enjoy a fabulous and romantic Valentine's Day in Canada this year!


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