Where to buy affordable furniture online

Ready for a home makeover or making a move? You’ll likely need some new furniture. If your budget isn’t large, here's where to find affordable furniture online.


The Swedish giant chain has held a strong presence in Canada for decades. It’s probably the go-to stop for most Canadians looking for chic yet affordable furniture and for good reason -- it’s amazing! Before you load up the car and head to the sticks to your nearest IKEA warehouse to shop in their endless maze of display rooms, you can order their furniture online for home delivery! Shop here. 

Wayfair Canada

This furniture retail giant offers a huge range of furniture and home decor items at different price points -- with many incredibly affordable options. You shop online for home delivery but be warned, there tends to be a fair bit of assembly required for the majority of the furniture they ship. 


Amazon Canada has a ton of awesome and affordable furniture options and they often ship fast and for free! The downside is there’s almost too much to search through there and quality can vary dramatically as it’s all sourced and sold from different retailers, so choose carefully and dedicate a good amount of time to your search process.

Max Sold

MaxSold is effectively an online estate auction site. Users are able to sell from their personal collections via a bidding system. Because there are so many auctions happening every day on the site, you can walk away with some pretty amazing furniture finds, like antiques and collectibles, at rock bottom prices. 


The retail giant offers a large collection of well-designed and incredibly affordable furniture with many items available online only. You can shop online at walmart.ca for fast home delivery or curbside pickup. 

We hope these tips for where to buy affordable furniture online help you decorate your home on a budget in style. 

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