Upcycle your furniture like a pro

Want to give your apartment a makeover but don't have the budget to redecorate? Upcycle your current furniture to save money and change your space dramatically. Here are some fabulous ways you can upcycle your apartment furniture to achieve beautiful results and a whole new look for your home.

Upcycle your chairs

If your dining room chairs are a little dull or less than fresh, give them a whole new look! It's easier than you think. You can repaint them and reupholster them to totally change their appearance. Watch this video to get inspired. 

Transform your dresser

It's amazing what a new coat of paint can do! It's true for your walls and also for your furniture. Refreshing your dresser can help enhance the look of the room it's in, so check out this video to learn how to paint a dresser.

Modernise your mirrors

Mirrors can be statement pieces for your wall. If yours isn't screaming "look at me", watch this video to learn how you can upcycle it to bring a modern feel to the mirror and your space. 

Fancify your bar stools

If you have some inexpensive bar stools in your apartment, you won't believe how fancy you can make them look on a small budget. Watch this video to see how you can transform a cheap bar stool into a luxe-looking piece.

We hope these tutorials inspire you to upcycle your furniture and makeover your apartment!

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