Top 2023 home decor trends to try

It's hard to believe it's 2023 already! Last year seemed to fly by. With the new year comes the opportunity to start fresh, so if your home is due for a makeover, these top 2023 home decor trends will help. 

Eco-conscious decor

More and more people are starting to care about sustainability, so it makes sense that eco-conscious decor is a rising trend. Not sure what that entails? Think plants, natural materials (wood, linen, bamboo, wool, cotton, cork etc.) and furniture pieces from companies that do their best for the environment. West Elm, for example,has a sustainable line of furniture worth exploring. Thrifted, antique and vintage furniture and accessories are also more eco-friendly as they don't require net new resources to be produced and by purchasing them you are diverting them from winding up in a landfill.

Rich, bold hues

Not sure what colour palette is trending for 2023? Rich hues including various shades of red, green and brown are in. Benjamin Moore selected Raspberry Blush as their colour of 2023. It's a fun and bold red-orange hue that's very rich and warm. If you're unable to paint your apartment in bold colours, try incorporating them through furniture, accessories like pillows and curtains, and linens like sheets and towels.


Many people live in small spaces, so it's no surprise that multi-use is a rising trend this year. It's all about making your various spaces as multifunctional as possible, and adaptable to suit your everyday needs. Your bedroom might double as your exercise space, your dining room might also be where your kids do their homework etc. Look for design pieces that adapt to serve you better, like coffee tables with ample storage, mason beds that clear space for yoga mats, nesting tables that expand to make and save space etc.

We hope these tips help you give your apartment a fabulous makeover this year!

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