The minimalist's guide to apartment furniture

Moving and trying to be a minimalist? You don't need a lot of furniture. In fact, less is more. Instead of cramming your space, decorate your apartment minimally with these essential furniture items for a clean space and clear mind.


Pretty much everyone needs a bed to sleep on, or at least a futon or mattress. To keep inline with the minimalist aesthetic and outlook, look for a durable, high-quality mattress that will last you years and a simple, well-built bed frame.


If you plan to entertain in your space, a couch is an essential furniture piece to invest in. If you won't pair it with other seating, look for a large couch that can seat several people like an L sectional couch. It never hurts to find one that converts into a spare bed for overnight guests. 

Table and chairs

You have to eat, so it's a good idea to invest in a high-quality table and chairs set. It can be small (two seats) or big (up to 8 seats or more) depending on your space. The bigger the better in our opinion as it can double as a work space and will be more suitable for entertaining guests.


If you ever work or study at home, a desk is a great piece of furniture to invest in. Try to find a desk with storage so you can keep it neat and tidy. Wooden desks are great options that can stand the test of time. 


Some apartments have great lighting, but not all do. Even the best lit apartments can benefit from the odd lamp or sconce. IKEA has a great, affordable collection of minimalist light fixtures to complement your decor.

We hope these tips help you keep your decor simple and practical in your new apartment. 

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