The environmental documentaries we're streaming

Streaming services are great. They’re convenient and they offer unlimited viewing experiences to enjoy. Finding something good to watch can be a little more difficult. If you find yourself spending more time searching for something to watch than you do watching, we’ve got some ideas for you! Here are the environmental documentaries we’re streaming.  

Our Planet

Take a unique look at the fragile beauty of our world and how it is impacted by climate change with Our Planet. This Netflix original documentary series is narrated by the great David Attenborough. The visually stunning eight episode series takes you around the globe to see how ecosystems and animals are affected by the changing climate and what can be done about it.  

Chasing Coral

The beautiful undersea world of coral reefs and the threats they face due to pollution and acidification are explored in Chasing Coral. Coral is currently dying faster than at any time in human history. The massive devastation is brought into clear view as researchers visit dying coral reefs and seek out the few remaining healthy patches of coral. The documentary isn’t all doom and gloom – it offers hope that there is still time to save the coral and the multitudes of life that call the reefs home. 


This one can be a bit hard to watch – especially if you’re an animal lover. Cowspiracy examines the impact factory farming has on the planet. From deforestation and water consumption to greenhouse gas and more, it’s hard to ignore the impact of the modern meat industry. 

Saving the Amazon

What better place is there to watch a documentary called Saving the Amazon, than on Amazon Prime? The destruction of the Brazilian Amazon rainforest is increasing – despite the vital role the Amazon plays in the health of our planet. There are big profits to be made and that can bring real danger to anyone trying to stand in the way of the destruction.  

We hope these stunning, sometimes startling, environmental documentaries make it to the top of your watch list!

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