The best takeout in downtown Toronto

Tired of the same old takeout options? Ready to take delivery to the next level? Here's where you can grab some of the best takeout in downtown Toronto. 


Aloette (163 Spadina Ave)


Chef Patrick Kriss' Aloette is the casual and accessible companion restaurant to Alo, located above it (Alo at Home is also offering upscale multi-course meals for pickup). Alloette is where haute cuisine meets comfort food. Their Crispy Chicken Sandwich ($20) with pickles, yuzu kosho, napa cabbage and jalapeño, is served with fries and is a must-try. Pick some up through Ritual.


Montgomery's (996 Queen St W)


Chef Guy Rawlings is doing something different with his Montgomery's pick up plan. Through their email newsletter, you can sign up for their Grassroots Food Box program. Choose from a selection of seasonal, local food items, ready-made foods and more. You can pick up your order or have it delivered to your door the following week. 


Oyster Boy (872 Queen St W)


When you're craving raw or cooked oysters, Oyster Boy is your best bet. They even deliver! You can also pick up your meal and enjoy an oyster picnic at Trinity Bellwoods Park-- which is right next door. 


Scaddabush Italian Kitchen & Bar (382 Yonge St)


Scaddabush is Italian slang for "a little bit of everything". They are located just down the street from home at 77 Gerrard West. Begin with the basics and build from there. The Margherita Pizza ($17.50), with fresh basil, San Marzano tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella, Pecorino, house dried tomatoes and basil oil, is just about perfect. 


Sushi Masaki Saito (88 Avenue Rd)


Michelin-starred sushi master Masaki Saito has pivoted from the $500 per person prix-fixe menu he offers at Sushi Maksaki Saito to offer an exclusive delivery menu that he has created personally. It's still very expensive and orders are limited to 10 per day. If you'd like to order one of the few, call 416-924-0888 between 3 PM and 8PM, Tuesday through Saturday, at least one day in advance.


We hope this list of the best takeout in downtown Toronto helps you expand your food horizons.


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