The best plants to grow in your apartment

Don't have an outdoor garden? You can still grow amazing things in your apartment! Here are the best plants to grow indoors.

Go for low maintenance

If you’re new to gardening and are not sure if you have much of a green thumb, rest assured that some plants are lower maintenance than others. This means they may require less water, sunlight, space and attention. Basically a pretty hands-off plant! Here are some great options to consider for your apartment:

Snake Plants

Snake plants look minimalist and chic and thrive in low light and humidity, making them great for apartment renters. They are perfect for bedrooms and bathrooms. They require a small amount of water infrequently, letting the soil dry out before rewatering. Water even less frequently in winter.

Aloe Vera

A succulent plant, Aloe Vera is a cool looking and practical plant to add to your apartment. A bit spiky with green spears loaded with a clear healing gel which you can apply to your skin! Think of it as a first aid plant as the gel inside the spears can be used on cuts, scrapes and burns to relieve pain and facilitate healing. To care for an aloe, place it in an area of your apartment with bright, indirect sunlight or artificial light. Use a terracotta pot with drainage. Water deeply but infrequently, about every 3 weeks in summer but less in winter.

Pothos Plants

This plant hails from French Polynesia and looks spectacular. If you grow it for a long time, its vines covered in leaves will spill over the sides of the pot lower and lower. These plants are as easy going as it gets. They can thrive in low or bright indirect light, in dry soil or water vases. They don’t thrive in direct sunlight, however. Be warned though, this plant is poisonous.

Spider Plants

An evergreen perennial, spider plants are native to tropical and southern Africa but thrive all over the world. They are called spider plants because as they grow they sprout spider-like new plants (spiderettes) from their runners. These little plants can be snipped from the parent plant and replanted, making them great for people who want a lot of plants for their home on a budget. To care for them, place them in an area with bright to moderate light in a comfortable temperature. Keep the soil slightly moist, watering about once a week in spring and summer. Allow the soil to dry out more between winter waterings.

We hope you dig these fabulous apartment plants!

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