The Best Fall Hikes Near Your Canadian City

Every Canadian city has something great to offer -- especially when it comes to nature and the outdoors. BentallGreenOak Residential Services has rounded up some of the best hikes to explore this fall near your Canadian City.



If you're looking for a great workout with scenic views, you must check out the Waterdown Wetland Trail to Smokey Hollow Waterfall near Burlington. This can be a challenging hike and even though it's 10km long, it's still great for kids, families and dogs. Just make sure to keep your pooches on a leash!



To experience nature in the city, check out Nose Hill Park! Located just 15 minutes north of downtown Calgary, this park is a great place to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city without having to go far. The trails are easy, fun and suitable for all ages, as well as your pets! If you prefer something more challenging, Lake Agnes is a great half-day hike which tends to be less busy in the fall. You can enjoy autumn's colours and warm up with a cup of tea at the Lake Agnes Tea House.



Enjoy views of the North Saskatchewan River when you hike the Edmonton River Valley Trail. It runs right through the heart of Edmonton, so you don't have to go far, but the views are great. The trail is mostly paved making it great for cycling. About 50km from the city, you can visit Elk Island National Park, and hike the Wood Bison Trail. It's a difficult 16km loop, but you're almost guaranteed to see all kinds of wildlife including moose, elk, deer and a variety of birds.


The city of Hamilton is known for its great hikes and waterfalls. You can hike to Dundas Peak via the Bruce Trail which is about 3km long and suitable for families. The hike features a waterfall, a fantastic lookout point at Dundas Peak and great views of Toronto. This is a great place to see the changing colours, so make sure to get there before it's too late! It is quite a popular hike so expect a busy trail. 



Head over to Elora Gorge Trail for a great 2-hour hike. It's only a 30-minute drive from Kitchener, making it the perfect half-day trip with your friends or family. Here you can take in stunning views of limestone cliffs, the gorge and a 20m waterfall! To get to the trailhead, park along Mill Street.



Just south of Langley is a beautiful area called Campbell Valley. This huge park has a variety of landscapes including wetlands and forests. It also has 29km of trails which pass through a river, a marsh and ponds, making Campbell Valley the ideal place for nature enthusiasts and bird watching fans. You can walk, hike or cycle here and even explore heritage buildings along the way.



If you don't want to travel too far, visit Tamarak Trail which is about 25km from Winnipeg. The trail is considered moderate, so keep that in mind if you're planning a trip with little ones. Tamarak Trail is great for hikers, cyclists and also popular for horseback riding. For a more difficult trail, venture out to Whiteshell Provincial Park and hike the Mantario Trail. It's a long, 63km trail through the wilderness, but you can just do a portion of it. Make sure to wear proper shoes and go when you're full of energy since it is quite the challenge.



The hike to the top of Mont Royal is always a good bet -- especially because it's right in the city -- but there is something even better! Check out the Dieppe Trail at Mont Ste. Hilaire, a 3.8km hike (one-way) which is 40km away from Montreal. When you get to the summit, you can enjoy views of the Richelieu valley and river, the nearby hills and Montreal. The mountain is part of the Gault Nature Reserve, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site.


New Westminster

This fall, head over to Crystal Falls near New Westminster for an amazing hike. It's not a difficult one, but it's very scenic. The loop is 7km in total and easy enough for anyone to do -- just make sure to wear proper shoes. On rainy days, it can be a little bit dangerous. This park is also popular for mountain bikers and dog walkers and it's open year-round.


North York

For a piece of nature in the big city, escape to G.Ross Lord Park near North York. This is a great place to go for an easy hike, a run or a bike ride. The park is open 24 hours and there is plenty of parking available. You can take your dogs to an off-leash area, too! G.Ross Lord Park goes all the way from Dufferin to Bathurst Street and stretches from Steeles Avenue down past Finch. 



For a great hike that's only 30 minutes from Oakville, visit Rattlesnake Point Conservation Area. This is a popular hike attracting tourists from all over, mostly for the great views at the Buffalo Crag Lookout. The trail is about 3km long and it's open year-round. It's easy enough for most people, so you can bring the kids, too!


St. Albert

If you've been searching for the perfect fall hike near St. Albert to do with your family, be sure to check out Riverlot 56. The trails are well maintained, but make sure to wear proper shoes. The trail is moderate in terms of difficulty and is 3.2km long. It's great for a nature trip, family trip and bird watching!



Rouge National Park is a fantastic place to check out in the fall near Toronto. You can take in all the beautiful autumn colours and enjoy nature very close to the city. Not only can you go for a great hike, but you can explore some of the oldest Indigenous sites and a variety of landscapes. Rouge National Park is located at 1749 Meadowvale Road, right near the Toronto Zoo.



Vancouver has so many options for great hikes. Check out Maplewood Flats Conservation Area for an easy 2km hike. The trail is surrounded by deciduous trees which turn bright red at this time of year. The area is also popular for birdwatching. For a challenge, hike up to Mount Strachan,  located in Cypress Provincial Park. On your way up, you can see a famous plane crash site and a rainforest. In total, the hike can take up to 5 hours.



A hike through Laurel Creek Conservation Area near Waterloo is perfect if you're looking for a nice walk on a smooth trail. You can explore the blue, red or green trail and spend about 45 minutes hiking. The park is open year round and has a sandy beach!


We hope you enjoyed these suggestions from BentallGreenOak! Enjoy the outdoors! 


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