Spring vegetables we love

It may still feel like winter where you are, but Spring is officially here! That means sunny days are on the way, flowers are bound to break through the soil, and farmers markets will soon reopen. If you're as excited as we are and ready to welcome spring's beautiful bounty, here are the spring vegetables we love. Stock up on them and put them to good use with these tips and recipes. 


Leeks are such a delicious spring vegetable to use in a variety of savoury dishes. Pro tip, be sure to wash them very well as they tend to be full of soil hiding in their many layers. Ready to use this allium? Try this leek and potato soup recipe, this leek and Parmesan risotto recipe, this recipe for pickled leeks, and this show stopping leek gratin.


Asparagus is possibly the most iconic spring vegetable. It is so unique, delicate and versatile, we love it! Be sure to trim it efficiently by holding both ends and bending it, allowing it to break where it naturally snaps. This trick helps you discard its rough and woody end and preserve its tender stem and top which is more optimal for cooking. You'll love this shaved asparagus salad, this asparagus penne pasta, this asparagus soup and this asparagus souffle.

Snow peas

Not to be confused with snap peas, snow peas are thin, crisp and lovely. They're in season from October to April, so you'll catch the end of their season if you buy them now and it's well worth it. Be sure to trim their tough ends off before cooking. They're delightful in stir fries, salads, curries and more. Try this snow pea salad, this stir fry with snow peas, this Thai red curry with snow peas or just steam and enjoy them simply with some salt.


This spring vegetable is made for desserts thanks to its delightful sour flavour that perfectly complements sweet flavours. We love rhubarb and know that you will, too. It's a very tough vegetable that needs thorough cooking, so it works best in dishes like pies where the filling is pre-cooked. Once cooked, it bleeds its marvelous fuschia colour into the dish. Give this strawberry rhubarb pie a try, or make this rhubarb posset, or this rhubarb eton mess, or this rhubarb grunt.

We adore these spring seasonal vegetables and know that you will too.

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