Spring swaps for a smaller footprint

It's hard to believe it's March and winter is in our rear view mirror! As the weather warms up, and we emerge from hibernation, looking out for our planet's best interest gets a little easier. We hope you'll consider making these day to day lifestyle swaps to reduce your carbon footprint.

Temperature control

Heating and cooling our homes is a major energy drain around the world. Many of us heat and cool our spaces excessively. With its mild temperatures, spring offers the opportunity to turn the heat off and hold off turning the A/C on. Take advantage of this sweet spot and abstain from both for as long as you can to do some good for the planet. If you're feeling cold with the heat off, ensure you're dressed well and consider warming up with a warm drink and a blanket. If you're feeling too hot, close your curtains to cut back on the heat from sunlight, put on an energy-efficient fan to circulate the air, dress lightly and drink cold drinks throughout the day to stay cool. Spicy food also helps keep you cool!

Walk or ride your bike

Winter tends to restrict most people from walking and riding their bikes regularly. Once the snow clears, consider it your green light to break out your bike or walk as much as you can. If you're close to work, the grocery store and your local coffee shop, you've got plenty of opportunities. Walking and cycling are great for the environment. Opting to walk or bike instead of drive this spring is a surefire way to be kind to the planet

Take public transit 

Canadian public transit is better for the environment than driving, so if you're going to commute, try to do so in a more responsible way this spring. It's the perfect time to switch when you won't have to worry about traffic-causing snow conditions, or trudging to a station or bus stop in deep snow or over icy sidewalks.

Eat local, seasonal food

Spring in Canada means more seasonal local food will be available at grocery stores and farmers markets. Choose more of what's local and in season over imports whenever possible to reduce your footprint. It's better for the planet and your health because it has to travel far less to get to you and retains more of its nutrients. It's also more delicious most of the time!

We hope you'll give these spring swaps for a smaller footprint a try! 

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