Slide into spring in your apartment

It's hard to believe that spring has officially arrived! But just because March 20th has come and gone does not mean that it looks like spring inside or outside where you are yet. You can't control the weather, but you can transition your apartment decor from winter to spring with these tips. Here's how to slide into spring in your apartment. 

Let the light in

In winter, it's tempting to be insular. We want to hibernate and be cozy in our den. For many of us, this involves keeping heavy drapes and curtains entirely or partially closed and illuminating our spaces unnaturally with lamps and string lights. This is great for winter but unnecessary in spring. Now is the time to let the light in. Open up curtains and drapes fully to let in natural light. If you don't want to be on display, you can also temporarily swap heavy window treatments for lighter, more translucent window treatment options.

Add pops of colour

You don't need a brand new couch to make your apartment feel like spring. A few well-chosen pops of colour in your decor will do the trick. Start small with new colourful pillow shams, a brightly coloured throw blanket, or even a colourful couch cover. If you don't want to change anything that central, add some colourful accent pieces instead like a colourful clock, brightly coloured side table, paper weight or vase.

Add plants and flowers 

Spring is all about rebirth and life in general, so adding plant life is a great idea. From fresh floral arrangements to living plants that will thrive in your apartment, adding some green to your space will go a long way.

Upcycle your existing furniture 

If you're seeking a more drastic makeover for your decor, are on a budget, and want to avoid buying fast furniture, upcycling is a great option. There are countless tutorials online to guide you in transforming your existing furniture from drab to fab. 

We hope these tips help you slide into spring in your apartment. 

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