Rainy summer day activities we love

Into every life, a little rain must fall. Well, it's raining. Rather than spending the day wishing the sun was shining, why not make the most of it?  It's time to have some indoor fun with a few rainy summer day activities we love. 


Play Some Brain Games


Why not have some fun and train your brain at the same time? You can challenge yourself with free brain games online. If you want to get more serious about your brain games, you can sign up with a site like Lumosity and get started right away, exploring loads of games to train your processing speed, memory, attention, problem-solving skills and more.


Camp Out at Home


If you can't make it out to a campsite this year, why not bring the campsite home? You and your kids will love setting up a teepee tent or building a blanket fort. You can hang out in there all day, playing board games, reading books, and of course, eating s'mores


Learn to Knit


Today is the perfect day to get crafty and create. If you've always wanted to learn to knit, there is no time like the present to knit one and purl two. Knitting is not only a useful and practical skill, but it is also a great mindfulness tool. This kit can get you all set to knit. 


Dance Like No One is Watching


When you're feeling a little restless and need to move, but you don't have anywhere to go, it's time to have a dance party. Whether it's with your kids, your significant other, or all by yourself -- put on some music that makes you feel great and just move. You will instantly feel better. 


BentallGreenOak hopes these fun indoor activities brighten even the cloudiest of summer days. 


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