Perfect Passover side dishes

Passover is one of those Jewish holidays with clear cut food rules to adhere to. The strict rules to abide by can make it easy to fall into a creativity rut once it's time to plan your menu. We're here to help! These delicious side dishes are perfect for Passover and pretty impressive to serve. 

The best matzo ball soup

Matzo ball soup is a classic part of the Passover seder, and likely something you're already planning to serve to your guests. If you're unfamiliar with matzo balls, they are dumplings made from ground matzah (unleavened bread) that are boiled in chicken broth. This recipe is a cut above the classic. Serious Eats tested every hack to develop perfect matzo balls and shared their discoveries and the best recipe.

Fried gefilte fish

You're more than likely familiar with gefilte fish -- ground balls of whitefish that are poached and/or pickled. For many it's the ultimate icky Passover food, for others it's a cherished traditional dish. You may be familiar with classic gefilte fish, but have you tried fried gefilte fish? It's a favourite British Jewish take on the classic and it's a whole new frontier worth exploring this year.

Grilled vegetables with Alabama white barbecue sauce

Horseradish plays a central role in the Passover seder. Enjoy it in a new way by whipping up a batch of Alabama white barbecue sauce which is a mayonnaise based sauce packed with white horseradish. Simply season and grill your favourite vegetables, then drizzle them generously with the sauce for a healthy side dish with a serious kick.

Bitter herbs salad

Eating bitter herbs like parsley is a traditional part of the Passover seder, and not a particularly pleasant one. Shake things up by serving this delicious Bitter herbs salad instead this year  

Chag sameach to you if you are celebrating Passover this year! 

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