Online cooking classes that will sharpen your skills

We're all spending more time at home and less time in restaurants these days. Cooking is a very practical skill to learn. With a relatively small amount of time investment, you can forever make your home life a little more delicious and save money on takeout meals! Here are some of the best online cooking classes that will sharpen your skills. 


Home Ec 365


Learning to cook is great. Learning to cook for free is even better! With Home Ec 365 from Whole Foods, you can not only sharpen your culinary skills but build up your "adulting" acumen as a whole. Classes cover mastering recipes but also minimizing food waste, how to shop on a budget and how to clean your kitchen afterwards. 




Masterclass is a world leader in online learning. Once you register as a member and pay an annual fee of around $240, an entire world of knowledge opens up for you. You have the opportunity to learn from industry leaders and icons across a wide range of disciplines. In addition to learning to cook from chefs like Gordon Ramsay, you can also learn TV writing from Shonda Rhimes, architecture and design from Frank Gehry or independent filmmaking from Spike Lee. 




Udemy is another great resource for learning skills online. They offer a range of cooking classes from Essential Cooking Skills ($49.99) to Italian Riviera cooking ($44.99) and Traditional Vegetarian Cooking ($24.99). Class cost varies and Udemy features custom recommendation tools to help you choose a course that's best for you. 




If you're serious about culinary training, you'll want to learn from the world's leading online culinary school. Rouxbe can teach you the skills to become a better home cook, or even a professional chef. Memberships are $9.99 per month or $99.99 per year, and you can get a free 30-day trial.


The Chef & The Dish


If you're a super-studious sort of chef, and you crave the kind of attention and interaction that can only come from one-on-one learning, then The Chef & The Dish is for you. There are no pre-recorded videos, no fumbling through recipes on your own. You're actually Skyping live with professional chefs from around the world! There are over 70 cooking classes to choose from and they cost around $300 (USD) for two participants.


We hope these online cooking classes sharpen your skills and add to the flavour of your life!


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