Make your own Valentine's Day treats

It's February and the day of love is just around the corner! Before you run out to buy flowers or a box of chocolates, consider rolling up your sleeves and whipping up something yourself. Whether you want to impress your partner, kids, family members or yourself, these Valentine's Day treats are well worth the effort. 

Homemade truffles

Skip the trip to the chocolate shop and make these simple but delicious 3-ingredient chocolate truffles yourself! You'll be making chocolate ganache (chocolate melted together with cream), forming balls and rolling them in cocoa powder. If you don't enjoy the bitter bite of cocoa powder, you could swap it for crushed nuts, powdered sugar or even cookies! The recipe makes 24 so you could easily give these to multiple people. 

Chocolate lava cakes

If you or someone you want to impress loves chocolate, a lava cake is sure to do the trick. It's a single serving moist chocolate cake with a molten chocolate core that oozes and flows like lava from an erupting volcano when you cut into it. They can be tricky to execute, but this recipe makes it pretty straightforward. 

Conversation heart sugar cookies

Remember conversation hearts? Those chalky and colourful little Valentine's Day candies you got as a kid that included messages like "Be Mine" and "Love" on them? Well these delicious sugar cookies are decorated the same way and are way more adorable and delicious. They're also pretty easy to make!

Chocolate mousse

If you, or someone you love, adores creamy chocolate desserts, chocolate mousse is impressive and pretty easy to make from scratch! Whip it up in just 10 minutes (plus chilling time) and prepare for gratitude!

Strawberry shortcakes

If you're looking for Valentine's Day dessert without chocolate, Strawberry Shortcake is a great option that definitely looks the part! This simple yet sophisticated take on the classic combines fresh strawberries (macerated in lemon juice), homemade whipped cream, and lemon scented cream biscuits for a perfect balance of flavours and textures.

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