Liven up your apartment for Spring

Spring has arrived, finally! It's time to breathe life back into your apartment again. From adding pops of colour to changing up your curtains, here are our best tips for brightening up your space with spring apartment decor.

Let the light shine in

A great way to breathe new life into your space is to flood it with natural light. This is easy and cost effective! Start by simply opening shades and curtains on windows that were closed throughout winter. If privacy is an issue and you currently have heavy, dark curtains, consider changing them up for semi-translucent curtains that filter in more light. If you want to amp up the brightness even more, add mirrors inline with your windows on the opposite-facing wall to bounce light around your space.

Introduce pops of spring colours

Spring heralds the return of colour after winter's whiteout. If your home currently has a muted colour scheme, echo that seasonal transition by adding pops of colour. Pastel tones are most reminiscent of spring. Tie them in through pillow shams, throw blankets, art and home decor accessories. 

Add a bit of green 

If spring could be embodied by a single colour it would probably be green! From grass to tree buds to tender flower shoots, it seems to pop up everywhere. Adding some green to your space is easy. You can add pretty green plants or green decor like green vases or green tableware…whatever strikes your fancy!

Display some flowers 

Spring means the glorious return of flowers, so it's a great time to add potted flowering plants or fresh cut flower arrangements to your home. Here's how to transform supermarket flowers into a gorgeous arrangement

We hope our tips will help you breathe life into your apartment this spring!

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