How to make your bike your main vehicle

Many of us are looking for ways to simplify our lives, save money and get more exercise. What if there was a way to do all of those things, all at once!? There is! Making your bicycle your main vehicle checks all the boxes. There are a few things to consider before you commit to peddle power. Here’s how to make your bike your main vehicle. 

Cell phone mount

Riding a bicycle safely requires two hands on the handlebars at all times. It is not a time to chat on the phone, read emails or text. If you’re going to make your bike your main vehicle, you may need to know where you’re heading. A handlebar-mounted cell phone holder means you can access GPS apps to help get you there safely. While you’re attaching things to your handle bars, a rearview mirror is a good idea, too!

Trailers and bags

If you’re going to make your bike your main vehicle, you’re probably going to need some extra storage. What you need will depend on your personal situation. Do you require a way to safely and comfortably carry a child? What about hauling a bit of cargo or getting groceries on a bike? You can also find commuting cargo trailers, which are perfect for luggage or golf clubs. If you only need to carry a few extra bits and bobs, like a laptop, all you really need are some sturdy saddle bags or waterproof panniers.


If your bike is your main vehicle, you’ll need to be prepared to ride it all weather and arrive where you’re going without looking like you rode your bike. You’ll need a good set of mudguards or fenders

Reflectors and lights

Riding at night means you’ll need to make sure you are easily seen by other vehicles you’re sharing the road with. In addition to front and rear bicycle reflectors, a front and rear lighting setup is also a good idea. You can take things a step further with a set of LED lights for your bicycle wheels. You can choose among several lighting settings, so you can be seen in the dark while making a statement.

Go electric

Even if you love to ride, if you make your bike your main vehicle, there may be times when you could use a bit of help. An electric motor can make a big difference. You don’t need to trade in your existing bike for an electric bike. You can use an electric conversion kit to modify what you have now!

We hope these tips help you convert to peddle power and make your bike your main vehicle. 

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