How to grow food in an apartment!

Proper Planning


Any garden project, indoor or outdoor, requires proper planning based on the conditions you have available. Factors including access to sunlight and the weight of your containers when watered will have to be taken into consideration and will affect your choices. 


Let There Be Light


You will require six to eight hours of direct sunlight for most fruit-bearing and flowering plants. Smaller containers can be moved to follow the sun or choose salad greens and herbs that require less light. If you still can't get enough light, try a self-contained indoor garden kit with a grow light. 


The Right Stuff


The right soil is perhaps the most essential element of any garden. Container gardening requires light and fluffy, well-draining potting soil to prevent the soil from compacting in your container. You'll have to consider how and where your plants will drain, as well as any weight restrictions for your balcony or window sill garden. Contact your management team or BentalGreenOak with any questions or concerns before you commit to anything. 


Water and Humidity


Container gardens require frequent waterings. You may want to place your containers near a sink to avoid long-distance treks with a watering can. Some plants will require more humidity and will need to be misted with a spray bottle regularly. 


Watch Out for Pests or Disease


Whenever you water or harvest your plants, check for signs of pests or disease, including discolouration or holes in the leaves. Dispose of or move the affected plant away from other plants until the problem is remedied.


What to Grow?


Many varieties of herbs -- including mint, chives, parsley, lavender, basil, and thyme -- will grow well indoors. Salad greens -- including lettuces, spinach and arugula -- tend to grow fast, require shallow roots and are easy to grow given adequate water. Peppers and strawberries can grow well in pots. 



We hope that these DIY tips help you get growing this summer. Let us know how the harvest goes!


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