How to break up with plastic

You know it, we know it -- plastic is a big problem for our planet. Solving our plastic problem is not impossible. We can all make meaningful changes by adjusting our habits and daily lives. Here are some easy ways to ditch environmentally harmful plastic products in your everyday life.

Bring a bag

Instead of accepting plastic bags at the store, bring your own reusable bags with you to help end the cycle. They're more durable, too.

Bring your own containers 

Going for takeout or buying food in bulk? Say no to disposable plastic and Styrofoam containers and yes to bringing your own reusable food containers

Switch to glass

Plastic Tupperware is pretty common, but glass Tupperware is more durable and better for the environment. Invest in a set of glass Tupperware that will last years if well cared for. 

Bring your own bottle 

A reusable water bottle is very handy and a great way to ditch plastic in your life. Plastic water bottles are a huge problem and breaking the cycle of purchase and waste is important.

Try a tumbler

Even if your local cafe uses paper coffee cups, chances are they are lined with plastic and not recyclable. Bring your own reusable tumbler to the cafe next time and fill it up.

Try reusable food storage bags

If you often use plastic wrap or zip lock bags, switching to reusable silicone food storage bags is a great way to reduce your plastic consumption without compromise. They'll save you money over the long term, too!

We hope these tips help you change your habits and break up with plastic for life!

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