Hot summer balcony décor ideas

Many of us are spending more time at home this summer. Since summer is a season for enjoying the outdoors, we wanted to share some hot summer balcony décor ideas. It's time to turn your own little piece of the outdoors into something special. 


From the ground up


The concrete floor of a balcony is strong and functional, but it's not always the most inviting look. You can instantly transform the look and feel of your balcony with easy, snap-together deck panels. These RUNNEN deck tiles from IKEA are easy to apply and remove. 


Greening your space


Now that you have an attractive foundation under your feet, it's time to fight back against Nature Deficit Disorder and add some green to your space. Being around growing green things is good for us. It just feels right. A few potted plants can transform a balcony from bland to grand. Choose flowers or edible plants that are right for the light conditions on your balcony. 


Make yourself comfortable


Now that your balcony space is more inviting, you'll want those that will be invited to join you in your oasis to be comfortable. The seating options you choose are going to change according to available space and personal taste. Decide what you want to use the outdoor space for. Do you dream of small gatherings over coffee? Intimate meals for two? Or maybe indulging in some sacred solo time with your favourite summer read? A storage bench sofa can serve double-duty in a small space. A small bistro set is great for al fresco dining. You could keep it simple and toss a few outdoor pillows down on top of your new deck tiles and create an instant outdoor 'plounge'.


Your private outdoor space


Now that your balcony is a more pleasant place to spend time, you may want to make it feel a touch more private. Adding a fabric privacy screen is an easy way to instantly feel more self-contained. The fabric simply loops through the rails of the balcony, making it easy to install and to remove. 


BentalGreenOak hopes these hot summer balcony décor ideas help you enjoy the great outdoors, from the comfort and convenience of home. 


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