Healthy food for chilly nights

It's cold out there, Canada! Warm up with these hearty but healthy winter recipes that you can easily prepare in your apartment. There’s something for everyone to enjoy!

Turkish lentil soup

It’s always a good idea to reach for high protein, fiber filled meals when you’re trying to eat healthy. This Turkish lentil soup will warm your bones on a cold night and fill your belly with satiating goodness. Best of all, this authentic Turkish recipe can be tweaked so you can enjoy it in many different variations as the video explains. Want to make it vegan? Substitute vegan butter or oil and vegetable broth and you’re all set.

Vegan shepherd’s pie

It doesn’t get much more comforting than shepherd’s pie. The traditional dish involves a ground meat base and a mashed potato top. This vegan shepherd’s pie recipe puts a healthy spin on the classic by swapping meat for lentils and veggies and topping it off with a layer of vegan mashed potatoes. Getting your vegetables has never been more delicious! Best of all, this only takes 1 hour to whip up and will feed your whole family.

Healthy cream of mushroom soup

Soup soothes the soul on a cold winter’s night, doesn’t it? But soups can be surprisingly unhealthy -- especially cream based soups. Now you can have your comforting, rich and creamy soup without the guilt thanks to this healthy cream of mushroom soup recipe. The trick that makes this recipe healthier is that you puree half of the soup to create a creamy mouthfeel. It also uses whole milk in a roux (a flour-thickened sauce), instead of heavy cream, to cut down on fat.

Healthy turkey lasagna

Lasagna is the perfect winter comfort food, but it can be pretty hefty from a fat and calorie perspective. It doesn’t have to be bad for you though! This healthy turkey lasagna is absolutely delicious. You’d never know it was good for you! It’s full of lean protein and reduced fat ricotta cheese. If you’re a meat eater, it’s always a good choice to opt for lean meats like turkey whenever possible. 

We hope you give these health-conscious winter comfort food meals a try on a chilly night!

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