Gyms to join in downtown Toronto

Tis' the season to workout! Gym memberships typically spike in January when people make New Year's resolutions to get in shape. If that's you, or you're just on the hunt for a great gym, here are some fabulous gyms to join in downtown Toronto. Best of all, they all have locations near LuCliff Place!


Hone Fitness


With several locations across Toronto, Hone Fitness is a great and affordable gym to join. Their gyms feature new and innovative equipment, no-commitment memberships for $15 biweekly, a free personal training session for new members and a free 7-day trial to get you started. 


Crunch Fitness 


Like Hone Fitness, Crunch Fitness is an affordable fitness franchise with multiple locations including a downtown Toronto location at College Park. Crunch is great because it offers multiple membership options to suit any budget. Its most affordable and barebones package is only $10 a month! The gym features new equipment, heavy weights, free weights, high-energy group fitness classes and personal training. 


GoodLife Fitness


Another excellent gym chain with multiple Toronto locations, GoodLife Fitness is a great gym to join. Their membership rates are higher than Crunch and Hone, but still manageable. They offer great things like state-of-the-art equipment, group fitness classes, personal training, yoga, squash and more. One of the coolest things they offer is an all-club membership which lets you workout at any GoodLife location -- which is amazing if you're someone that isn't always in the same part of the city day to day. This access extends to other cities too, so if you're an avid traveller and fitness enthusiast it is absolutely fantastic. 


BentalGreenOak hopes you give one of these awesome downtown Toronto gyms a try this year.


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