Green furniture materials to look for

Fast furniture is a big environmental problem today. Hazardous production practices and the sheer wastefulness of manufacturers and consumers have compounded to create an environmental catastrophe. Want to be part of the solution? Redecorate with the planet in mind! It's easier than you think. Look for furniture made from these sustainable materials. 

Look for sustainable wood furniture 

You might be wondering how wood can be sustainable since you have to chop down trees to get it, but sustainable wood is a thing. It's harvested from sustainably managed forests where trees are replanted rather than just deforested. Wood harvested from sustainable forests is FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) or PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) certified. With more and more manufacturers making an effort to operate sustainably, you can even buy sustainable furniture from major retailers like Crate and Barrel and West Elm.

Consider reclaimed wood furniture 

Reclaimed wood is repurposed wood. It is recycled from previous use (for example from barns) and reused as a new material in furniture production. It's also often stunningly beautiful and rustic looking when used in furniture. Many pieces preserve and highlight the unique grain and shape of the wood pieces used.

Try wicker and rattan furniture 

Wicker and rattan are sustainable furniture materials. Wicker is often made from rattan -- though other vines, grasses and plants are used in its production. Rattan is harvested and easily and quickly regrown -- often without the need for pesticides. It's very easy to find wicker furniture -- especially outdoor furniture. It is strong, durable and lightweight. 

Or buy second hand furniture 

Not a sustainable material, but buying second hand furniture and antique furniture is another way to redecorate sustainably. No new resources are used to produce the furniture, and diverting something from landfill and giving it another chance to be used is always a good idea for the planet.

We hope these tips help you redecorate your home with the planet in mind. 

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