Fun ways to get outside this spring

It was a long, cold and dark winter, but the warm light of spring is finally here! It's time to find some fun ways to get outside this spring. 


Go for a bike ride


Do you remember when you were a kid and you finally got to take that first bike ride of spring after a long winter? If you're able, it's time to give yourself that feeling again. Whether you're commuting to work, running errands or you simply want to feel the freedom of hitting the road with the spring breeze in your face. Remember to wear your helmet


Volunteer your time


If you want to go outside and do some good at the same time, consider volunteering your time with a local organization or charity. The spring and summer months offer lots of outdoor volunteer opportunities ─ like cleaning up trash at a local park, volunteering as a dog walker for a local animal shelter or even picking produce on an organic farm


Work out outside


An outdoor fitness class is a great way to get physically fit while staying physically distanced. Whatever kind of exercise you're into, or would like to explore, chances are there is a local class designed to take you to the next level. From outdoor yoga to tai chi in the park, to walking or running groups ─ there is a group out there doing the things that you love and you're missing out!


If you don't find a class offered near you, there are lots of great outdoor fitness apps that will help you stay motivated ─ even if you're going it alone. 


Take a Hike


Not long ago, being asked to 'take a hike' or saying that something was 'for the birds' ─ was seen as a negative. Today, it's a positive and fun way to get outside and enjoy your world. 

Explore your local walking and hiking trails. If you don't know where to go ─ there's an app for that! The Alltrails app is your free passport to the perfect hike, bike ride, or trail run. You can search by length and/or difficulty rating and filter for family-friendly and/or dog-friendly trails. If you want to add an extra layer of fun to your nature walk, there's an app for that, too! The Audubon Bird Guide app is a free field guide to over 800 species of North American birds. It will help you identify and keep track of your sightings and get you excited about getting out there!


We hope that these suggestions for fun ways to get outside this spring help you enjoy the great outdoors at your own pace. 


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