Four Ways To Create While You Watch TV or Listen to Music

It's never easy to make time for everything you enjoy in life – especially pastimes like arts and crafts. Sometimes the best way to sneak in the creative activities you love is to combine them with your existing routine. BentallGreenOak Residential Services has some suggestions for how you can multitask and create fun craft projects while you watch Netflix in your living room or listen to music.



Anyone who's ever told you that knitting is only for seniors is just plain wrong. Wipe that image from your mind and give this stress-relieving activity a try the next time you plop down on your sofa to watch some TV or listen to music in your bedroom. The more you do it, the more you'll find that knitting can be very relaxing. The best part about it is that once you hone your skills you can create something amazing from scratch. From shopping for yarn to completing your first scarf, the whole process will leave you feeling very accomplished. To get started, grab some knitting essentials at Walmart of Dollarama and watch this video.



This ancient Japanese art of paper folding is another great way to create something fun while watching TV or listen to music. It's fun, therapeutic and easy to pick up. All you need is paper, but special origami paper is ideal. It's thin and you can fold it many times without risk of it tearing. The art of origami might seem complicated at first, but once you learn the folds you'll be able to create almost anything.



Just like knitting, crocheting is an activity that will help you feel productive as you create something new. Since it requires some concentration and focused attention, it will keep your mind sharp and potentially boost your mood if you stick with it over the years. Keeping your hands busy with something like a crochet project will also potentially stop you from mindless snacking, which is something we all love to do – especially when we watch our favourite shows or listen to our favourite tunes. You can grab all your crochet essentials on Amazon and watch this beginner's how-to video.



Put your creative skills to the test with sketching! Even though it may not be your forte, sketching can be fun and the more you do it, the better you will become. Sketching is about a lot more than just shading and drawing on a piece of paper. It actually helps develop a number of different areas of your brain. Not only does it improve your ability to focus, but it also helps to develop strategic thinking. Sketching is also a very relaxing activity – something which we all need more of these days.


BentallGreenOak Residential Services hopes these tips help you stay creative and productive while you watch TV or listen to music. For information on BentallGreenOak Properties across Canada, please visit our website.