Four Ways to Bring Spring Into Your Home

It's time to freshen up your apartment! BentallGreenOak Residential Services has a few tips on how you can bring Spring into your home.


Fresh Cut Flowers

The true beauty of fresh flowers is that they can brighten up any room. Choose from a variety of spring flowers including tulips, roses, daffodils and lilies and make your own arrangement. Pick a vase or mason jar and place the flowers wherever they'll get noticed in your home -- preferably in a spot where they are highly visible. They'll keep you in a bright and cheery mood.


Change Your Colour Scheme

One of the easiest way to brighten up your home is to change up the colour scheme. You're going to want to choose colours that remind you of warmer months, like pastels. Think about adding a statement piece to your living room, like a yellow chair. If you don't want to spend a lot of time changing up your place, you can focus on the smaller details. If your decor is mostly grey, add a few yellow or green pillows, throws or vases to brighten up the space. Adding colourful wall art is another alternative.


Add Fresh Herbs to Recipes

There's nothing that says spring more than the smell of fresh herbs in your garden and on your plate. Now that the weather is warmer, you can grow your own herbs (such as basil, rosemary and thyme) on your balcony or inside your apartment. They don't take up a lot of space, but they do need quite a bit of sunlight. If you want to use them in food, rosemary and thyme work best with beef and pork, thyme and rosemary with fish and basil and dill with a variety of vegetables.


Pick Lighter Curtains

In spring, you generally want to stay away from anything dark and heavy. This applies to your curtains as well. Choose sheer fabrics and light colours that allow more sunlight in, which will naturally brighten and cheer up your apartment. You can also get a floral-themed curtain, which is a great option if you're someone who doesn't like fresh flowers.


BentallGreenOak Properties hopes these tips inspired you to give your apartment a fresh new look this Spring.


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