Five Easy Ways to Bring Fall into Your Home

The colours are changing and the air is crisp -- fall is here! BentallGreenOak Residential Services has 5 easy ways to bring the new season into your home. 


Fall wreath for your door

Make instant fall decor with a beautiful wreath full of pinecones, pumpkins and berries. You can make your own and incorporate different textures, depending on your style and colour scheme, or you can buy one at places like HomeSense and Walmart. Try a wreath with a combination of gooseberries, foliage in cream and green or something with lots of natural dried herbs.


Fall flower arrangements

Another way to add a touch of fall to your home is to create or buy some beautiful flower arrangements. Vibrant flowers are better suited for spring and summer, but when it comes to autumn, dark-hued foliage, burlap and berries are a better choice. Think muted colours, dried leaves and other textures that reflect the season. Golden roses, dahlias and fall wildflowers are great options. Consider rich jewel tones for vases and pots for an added fall feel.


Incorporate fall colours into your decor

Fall is alll about warmth and comfort, which means that you need to focus on decor items that are rich and warm in colour. Think about dark browns, warm yellows and emerald greens. Instead of giving your home a full fall makeover, which is probably not feasible or easy, purchase accent pieces in your favourite fall colours and blend them into your existing decor. For example, you can add a mustard yellow poof, a burnt orange vase or a few burgundy pillow cases and a throw!


Bake a Fall Treat To Fill Your Home with the Scent of Fall 

Is there anything better than the smell of baked apple pie and cinnamon rolls? We think not! If you want to go all out for this fall season, roll up your sleeves and start baking. Try these yummy Pumpkin Brownies, this delicious Brown Butter Apple Crisp or these Caramel Apple Cinnamon Rolls.


Add Some Candles

You can decorate your space beautifully with some scented or unscented candles. This will give your home a warm glow and make it feel extra cozy. If you choose scented candles, there are so many scents to pick from that remind us of fall. If you prefer something unscented, you can always pick candles in colours that reflect the fall season. 


Happy fall from BentallGreenOak! We hope you enjoy the season to the fullest in your home. For information on BentallGreenOak rental communities across Canada, please visit our website.