Fall recipes that are good for the planet

The leaves are changing and the temperatures are dropping -- another Fall has arrived and we are ready to get cozy. If you're ready to whip up something comforting and delicious in the kitchen, we're here to help you ensure it's good for you and for the planet. Add these Earth-conscious fall recipes to your repertoire.

Hearty lasagna

Traditional lasagna is pretty environmentally unfriendly as it usually contains dairy products and beef. Agricultural farming is a huge contributor to greenhouse gas emissions and a driver of climate change, so it's best to curb your consumption of these products if you're trying to protect the environment. Thankfully you can make amazingly meaty and cheesy lasagna with plant based ingredients instead. Check out this fun video for two delicious vegan lasagna recipes at two very different price points. 

Pot pie

Pot pies are perfect dinner food for cold fall nights. They're usually a buttery crust loaded with chicken. You may already know that beef farming is extremely harmful to the environment, but did you know that chicken farming is also pretty bad? Instead of a chicken pot pie, give this vegan Mushroom Pot Pie recipe a try. It's just as comforting, and way kinder to the planet. 

Baked mac and cheese 

Mac and cheese is such classic, hearty comfort food. Rich and creamy, it's a dairy bomb typically full of butter, milk and/or cream, and cheese. Dairy is not environmentally-friendly, so give this vegan baked mac and cheese recipe a try instead. We promise, you won't miss the milk.


Nothing warms you up on a chilly night quite like chili! Often loaded with ground beef, traditional chili con carne is no friend to the environment. But who says you need meat to make a delicious chili? This vegan chili recipe is made with beans instead of beef and packs a ton of flavour thanks to herbs, spices, cocoa powder and red wine. If you want it to be meatier, add in some Beyond Meat or Impossible Meat -- two environmentally-friendly and delicious alternatives to ground beef. 

We hope you give these fall recipes that are good for the planet a try this season!

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