Eco-friendly sanitation measures during COVID-19

It is safe to say that 2020 has been a challenging year. The full impact of the pandemic on the environment has yet to be seen. The vast amount of disposable masks and gloves, as well as other sanitation supplies, have the potential to wreak havoc on the planet. Here are some eco-friendly sanitation measures that people are adopting.


Reusable shopping bags


Most grocery stores are once again allowing the use of reusable shopping bags. Many people are opting for reusable bags that can be easily sanitized in the washing machine. If you want to do your part to reduce the demand for disposable plastic bags (that wind up in landfills, lakes and oceans), try to bring washable reusable bags with you. 


Handwashing and hygiene


Disposable plastic gloves are not recyclable and end up in landfills and waterways. People are choosing to use hand sanitizer, avoiding touching public surfaces or their faces, and are adopting proper handwashing practices


Reusable masks


One of the most effective ways to prevent the spread of the virus is to wear a mask when in public. Every month, approximately 129 billion disposable face masks and 65 billion plastic gloves are thrown away. Reusable face masks are effective if they are washed after each use


Eco-Friendly Cleaners


With many people stepping up the frequency and intensity of their home hygiene routines, the effects of chemical-laden cleaners is worth contemplating. The use of eco-friendly cleaners and DIY household cleaners is gaining popularity. 


Reusable water bottles


The risks associated with close contact have prompted more people to avoid using public drinking fountains and water dispensers and to instead to bring reusable water bottles with them. Single-use water bottles take over 1000 years to biodegrade and produce toxic fumes when incinerated


BentallGreenOak hopes that you and your loved ones are staying safe during in this challenging time.


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