Eco-friendly home decor

We all want to live in a beautiful home. Unfortunately what can appear as beautiful in a magazine photograph or online store may not always contribute to a beautiful and sustainable world. The good news is that it's never been easier to find eco-friendly home decor items. Here are a few ideas to help you get started. 


Reclaimed beauty


There's nothing wrong with wanting a new look for your home – especially as the new year begins. Consider buying 'pre-loved' furniture and decor. It will still be new to you and it's a more sustainable choice for the planet. You can find lots of great pre-loved items on eBay. You can also look for new furniture made from reclaimed wood or wood that is FSC certified (Forest Stewardship Council®). You can find FSC furniture at many retailers, including West Elm.


Become a part of the furniture cycle by donating or selling your old furniture – rather than tossing it in the trash. 


Buy local and sustainable


When you choose to purchase from local retailers, craftspeople and artisans you are helping to cut down on CO2 emissions from long-distance shipping, as well as supporting your neighbours. If there are no furniture and decor stores in your immediate neighbourhood, look for nearby flea markets or eco-friendly online retailers, such as Etsy, that allow you to search by location. 


Eco-friendly echo reduction


We all know that the right rug can really tie a room together, but did you know that area rugs can be one of the biggest contributors of toxins in your home. They can contain microplastics, VOCs and other materials that are harmful to the ecosystem. Before you get cold feet about buying a new rug, look for non-toxic, sustainable rugs and eco-friendly mats made with sustainable materials like jute, seagrass or recycled plastics.


Thermal curtains


Hanging thermal curtains, either on their own or behind your existing curtains, can reduce the amount of energy required to heat and cool your apartment. This reduces your overall carbon footprint. As a bonus, they can also block out excess noise and light. 


Decorate with plants


Adding houseplants to your apartment decor is an easy and eco-friendly way to add colour to any room. Choose eco-friendly plant pots and some beautiful air-purifying plants to elevate the look and feel of your home. 


BentallGreenOak hopes that these eco-friendly home decor ideas help you make beautiful and sustainable updates to your home decor. 


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