Eco-friendly cleaning tips

Cleaning can be surprisingly toxic for the environment. If you're ready to clean in a more environmentally-conscious way, here are our best tips to clean your apartment, vehicle and clothes with the planet in mind.

Switch to soap nuts

Ever heard of soap nuts? These cute and reusable little balls come from the soap berry tree and create saponins when combined with water. Use them in place of washing machine detergent for a green clean for your clothes that's not harmful for the environment and will save you money long term.

Sweep or mop it up

Your vacuum cleaner is handy but requires a lot of energy to use. Next time you have to clean your floors, try a mop and/or broom. For mopping, use an eco-friendly solution like diluted cleaning vinegar.

Try homemade cleaners

Many commercial cleaning products do a great job but contain environmentally-harmful chemicals. Make your own eco-friendly cleaners instead to be kinder to the planet.

Green car washing

You might be surprised to learn that green car washes do it exist in Canada. These establishments offer a more eco-friendly option than traditional car washes that use a ton of water and toxic soaps and waxes to get your car looking like new. Look for a green car wash near you the next time your car looks dingy or dirty, or do it yourself the right way at home.

We hope you'll give these eco-friendly cleaning tips a try!

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