Creative ways to support small businesses

Small and local businesses are essential to our economy. They provide employment and opportunity for our communities and neighbourhoods. They care about the community because they are the community. Small businesses have been hit hard during the pandemic. They need our help. Here are some creative ways to support small businesses. 


Gift cards


You can help with a local small business' cash flow by purchasing gift cards for yourself or others. You may not need what they're offering today, but you will tomorrow and they need your help right now. 


Local Lottery 


You can launch a local business lottery on social media where people enter to win gift cards in random drawings. 


Update Your Décor


With many of us spending more time at home these days, you may have noticed some room for improvement in your furniture or décor. Why work from home without creating a proper and well-designed home workspace? Why be a couch potato on an uncomfortable couch? If it's time for a refresh, local retailers are waiting for your call!


Order In


Isn't it nice when helping out is also easy and delicious? Local bars and restaurants have largely moved to a takeout and/or delivery model. You can support them while satiating yourself!


More than meals


It's not only restaurants that offer delivery and pickup. These days everything from toy stores to shoe stores are making it easier than ever for you to purchase their wares. You can help by placing your own order. If you want to go a step further, consider sharing local delivery menus and information about shops you like on social media. 


Online Services


You don't have to go without all the services you've become accustomed to during this unprecedented time. Check to see if your favourite providers have moved to an online modality. You may be surprised by what is available through videos or live online conferencing. Everything from yoga classes, therapy sessions and even music lessons are being offered virtually and these providers need your support now more than ever. 


BentallGreenOak hopes these creative ways to support small businesses inspire you to come up with your own creative solutions for this problem!


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